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All our breeding males are certified HC and tested MD (myleopathie degenerative)

SG-BH-AD Gibbs des Vieux Pays

Dark sable working male. What a dog! Impressive to see in action. Gibbs is gifted with incredible beauty and a calm temperament.

Buddy du Domaine

European long coat, what a specimen! Son of the famous Geronimo von Team Panoniansee (SRB). He is the brother of the magnificent Sara. Irreproachable temperament, impossible to not be seduced!

Can. Ch. BPIS, multi GR. Groovey du Domaine

Canadian champion at 10 months, Groovey is impressive. Amazing temper and a conformation that one can only dream of. Groovey has a lot of admirers...

Brutus Von Fanino

This handsome European makes a lot of heads spin. He represents the breed marvellously. He is an asset to our breeding program. In co-ownership with Von Lousar.

Daisyfields Fritz

Black long coat, Fritz is impressive. The big bear of the Domaine is always cheerful and happy.

Tango Du Domaine

North American show line, we have a lot of hope for him.Tango will follow his parents footsteps in 2019. He is the son of the Canadian Champion Chase du Domaine and the Canadian Champion Kaleefs Dazzling Halo Von Lousar.

Ouzo Aus Famke's Zauberwald (NLD)

His friends call him Boomer. He is another pride for the Domaine. What a male! Temperament and conformation, he really has everything going for him!

Can. Ch. Hendrix du Domaine

Hendrix is a Canadian champion who is very performant in the championship ring. A superb male all the way! He is in co-ownership with Isabelle Dub.

Malone du Domaine

From European line, Malone is an excellent dog both mentally and physically.

Barry du Domaine

Power and beauty! This guy is impressive. Barry is from European conformation.

Maximus du Domaine

Look at that colour! It says a lot about the importance of genetics. Maximum is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.

Capone du Domaine

Son of Fritz and Bella, Capone is a black long haired male. He is handsome and impressive and he knows it!

Gosford du Domaine

Son of Brutus and Zikora, Gosford has excellent genetics. He knows how to be loved and how to have a good time.

King du Domaine

Son of Boomer and Nirvana, King represents well his name. How can we describe him? Genetics are very important!

Rosco du Domaine

Son of Boomer and Vilma, Rosco is a 100% European. If we had to describe him in two words, they would be balance and beauty!