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All our breeding females are certified HC and tested MD (myleopathie degenerative)

Eva Von Holtzapple

Superb black long coat female. Temperament and conformation!

Mlle Gipsy du Domaine

The gossip of the village. Nothing gets past her! She has a black and red plush coat. Gipsy is a strong female both mentally and physically.

Maggie du Domaine

Daughter of Goliath and Myka, Maggie is a black and red long coat female. She has an extraordinary temperament. She likes everything!

Stella du Domaine

Massive black short haired female. She is the daughter of Brutus and Prague. Stella is impressive! She loves humans and she is an excellent mother.

Zo du Domaine

Long haired sable female. Zo is the daughter of Gibbs and Karma. She is lovely. She has everything going for her!

Shimmer du Domaine

Daughter of Niko and Nirvana, Shimmer is a short haired black and red female. She has a calm temperament and she knows how to please!

Karma Grunemont (MNE)

Karma is a short haired black and red female. She has a super conformation, a calm temperament and is very affectionate.

Can. Ch. Olie du Domaine

Daughter of Groovy and Halo, Olie decided to follow in her parents' footsteps and became a Canadian Champion in 2022. She is marvelous.

Karlie du Domaine

Daughter of Barry and Jane, Karlie is a black and red short haired female. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Miss Victory du Domaine

North American female, Victory is magnificent! She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.